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Christie Houston
Sibling Studio

Shapes, colors, and textures from the world around have always moved me. That inspiration continues to feed my work, in prints and collages and paintings, or combinations of all three.

I love the imperfect and incomplete, the accidental, the fortuitous. As a piece develops I let it show me what to do, and allow it to lead me to reveal the structures hidden in the ink and canvas and paper at the moment of creation. The art work can move me into a dreamy self reflection. My hope is the work will inspire you to move closer to the art and have a closer look.

Sibling Studio opened in 2002 joining the talents of a sister and brother whose nature is to create art.

Artist Statement

Growing up in a smaller community in the 1960's was a period of innocence and
tranquility for me. Our doors and minds were literally open, and I was free to
explore my physical and imaginary world.

Time and experience has given me an amazing picture of my world.
Globalization and the world wide web has changed Americas' future and my own.
As I watch the shifting tides of the world I realize my tranquil past if forever
conjoined with my raucous future.

I do count myself as one of the fortunate.
I am free to explore the stark contrast of my past innocence, and the contemporary
world of today in comfort and safety.

My current work is a playful look at what my unconscious mind creates as I
process my contrasting reality of yesteryear and the world today.

Technically, my work is made by various printing methods on fine papers.
I use individual parts of that paper and combine other elements to make the whole
image. Having the Pacific Northwest as my home influences my choice of bringing
nature and color together. It seems like a natural fit.


Lloyd Houston
Sibling Studio

Ages come and go, the basic human stories remain the same. Paleolithic art, cave art in particular, tells these stories with unmatched economy, grace and power. The impulse that moved the cave painters hand moves mine today. I am merely it's current caretaker, as are all artists.

Since I was a boy I've been making the pictures in my mind become real objects with my hands. [The eye is most definitely not the widow of the soul. The true window lies in the hands.] I've come to realize that my true inspiration and artistic drive is rooted in the deep past. I look to the past to lead me.

I've been making jigsaw puzzles for around 25 years and it doesn't look like I'm going to stop anytime soon. Lately I've also been having fun making box's. I call them BEM Box's. The little fellows are an expression of the future. A Bio... Electronic...mechanical fusion of Human, Computer and Machine merging, for good or ill, into a new life form. [Resistance is futile, prepare for assimilation.] It is happening as you read this and has been evolving for some time now. Whether to ignore it, regard it with horror or bright eyed anticipation, is as always, up to you.

Sibling Studio
PO Box 974
LaConner, WA 98257

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