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Curley Cosmos

Curley Cosmos was sold at MONA's Art Auction in 2014



Saint Steve

This work went missing early October from a show hanging at the Conway Muse in Conway, WA. Would be great to get the work back! No questions asked.



Smith & Vallee NW Printmakers open call

Opening reception Saturday June 2nd 5-8PM




Mona Art Auction - Donated and Purchased in 2011 A collagraph print completed 2005



The Channel

Non-toxic phot Print for MONA art auction 2013 - Some lucky patron purchased this in support of the event



Forest Through The Trees

Forest Through The Trees was purchased by Skagit Regional Clinics in Arlington, WA




2010 Gallery by the Bay 1st Annual Abstract show Completed 2003




"Interface' Donated and purchased to support Mona's Art Auction 2010



Cultural Shifts

The genesis of this work started with my musing of the USA's generational and ethnic changes. From the demographic changes noted in the 2010 census to the 1960's youth movement. I was close to completing the work when the Arab world shifted starting with the younger generation and social media. To acknowledge that movement I carved 2011 into the wax of the work.



The Gift

A Tryptych purchased by the Skagit Valley Hospital foundation in honor of the Hospital's 50th Anniversary.



The Gift panel #2



Steam Roller press event image

June 4th was a day for printmaking in the streets of LaConner! I participated in inking and printing lino cuts created by the young artists from the Swinhomish tribe. Organized by artist Theodora Jonnson and sponsored by a grant from the city of Laconner.



The Gift panel #3



This image captured Hearts and Minds

Created by the youngest in the group at 4 and 6 years of age in a period of 30 minutes.



Amazing details from young artists

Amazing textures and details



Steam Roller press event image

Arne Svensson on the big machine



Eclectic Electric Celebration of Art

2008 Eclectic Electric Art Opening June 26th at the Conway Muse Live Music with Spoonshine


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